Field Sales Training

The Breakdown of How to Be Field Sales Representative

A strong field sales rep can hit all his accounts in the most minimal time possible. As a field sales rep, there are only three things you really need to know: your territory, your product, and yourself.

1. Your territory

As trivial as it sounds, getting lost while you are out in the field is probably one of the worser things you can do. It wastes time and looks unprofessional.

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How to Create a Sales Plan for a Territory

Maintaining a sales territory is a huge undertaking. Creating a sales plan for the territory you’re going to manage will you keep you on top of your goals and ahead of the game.

So how do you start your plan that will put you on your path to success?

Step 1: Review

Before you set off on your sales journey, it’s important to understand your past. Pay attention to:

  1. Key trends in your area
  3. How business was the previous year

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How To Grow Your Sales Territory (By Incorporating Tech)

Whether you’re just starting out in a new sales territory or you are trying to grow your current territory, there are a couple steps that guarantee success. Strategic planning and attention to customer relationships is key!

Stick to a Plan

What’s the most invaluable asset to an outside sales rep? Time. In order to meet with the most customers and leads, you must have efficient time management. Make a strategic plan based on data analytics, mapping tools, and territory awareness. Nowadays, routing and mapping software can do a lot of this work for you automatically. Below are some tips to help you manage your time and examples of useful software to assist you in being efficient.

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