Field Sales Training

The Breakdown of How to Be Field Sales Representative

A strong field sales rep can hit all his accounts in the most minimal time possible. As a field sales rep, there are only three things you really need to know: your territory, your product, and yourself.

1. Your territory

As trivial as it sounds, getting lost while you are out in the field is probably one of the worser things you can do. It wastes time and looks unprofessional. And it’s not just to know where all your accounts are and how to get there - you have a GPS for that, but being able to know your territory so you can map your route out efficiently, as well. Your sales day should be allotted to three different times: travelling time, meeting times, and self-reflecting time. Travelling time is the only time of day you’d want to minimize, so you can maximize the rest.

Optimizing your route to save the most of your day is a great way to start your day.

2. Your product

To know your product, you have to walk a mile in your customer’s shoes. Know your product in a way that your customer will want to know it too. As Zig Ziglar, legendary salesman, once said, “Expect the best. Prepare for the worst”. Know your product so well that even your customer’s hardest questions can be answered.

Remember, a customer is looking at how your product will benefit their company. So, angle your pitch that way. Make it sound like their company will run smoother and get more profit if they buy your product.

3. Yourself

Knowing yourself is probably the most important knowledge you need to be a field sales rep. The way to really be able to sell your product, is to sell the experience. When pitching to a customer, your customer is not just analyzing how good your product will fit into their company agenda, but also they are seeing how good of a time they’re having.

It’s like a date.

Being charismatic is much more valuable than being persuasive. Being able to hold a conversation with your customer will impact them in a good way, much better than spewing information out in a presentation.

Make it a good day in the field. Be knowledgeable of your product and your skills. Frankly, confidence sells, and being able to know your product, your territory, and yourself, leaves little room for doubt.