Google Earth: Check Out The Terrain

If you’re doing field sales during the winter months or visiting a rural area you’ve never been, a possibly rugged terrain in the winter could spell trouble. You can’t close deals if you’re stuck in the snow or mud after renting the wrong kind of car. And if nothing else, checking out the terrain can help you find a nice nature walk on your way out of town.

Google Earth is straight-forward, turning Google Maps into a view of its true terrain in photos of the earth taken from aerial photography, geographic information systems and satellite imagery. Google Earth allows for multi-point routing capabilities, allowing users to save, store, and then share multiple destinations.

Earth supports Panarmio Pictures, a feature where users can overlay their own photos onto the map and share photos from specific locations so others can explore the area before visiting. Visit Google Earth’s Product Page to see how Earth is available on desktop, web, and mobile.

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